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before taking Sotret (isotretinoin), a vitamin A derivative, and MitoVitan (another man-made poison), i used to be able to enjoy the spiciest of foods and sauces without severe pain the only reason I took mitovitan and sotret was because of advertising, the dermatologist at Dr. Robert Gurney of Reston, VA had a triangle shaped advertisement of Accutane, but he gave me a Rx for a generic Indian Sotret instead. on my way home, as I was driving back from work, there was a car with the license plate similar to something like COQ10, which lead me to MitoVitan, and when I used it internally, it seemed to have permanently damaged where I applied iti wonder if they manipulated my Google search results, like they did with YouTube advertisements when I was at the UFC gym and there was this asian girl. they gave me a heart attackthey can read my thoughts, and my dreams are synthetic too it seems, the dreams, they seem to be trying to guide me towards not doing something bad, i am not sure if they can send thoughts too, but i am sure that they were using facebook to manipulate me. they also did something with the news about using a cat to show a girl as she was in my house already, but the reason i couldn't marry someone like that was because they give sex for free here without being forced to be married