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20d · hmwyda
Anonymity in internet means a lot nowadays. Ex in Russia or post ussr countries, from my experience, you can be easilly tracked and lockated via social media. In Russia "friend of putin" bought a popular social media network Vkontakte(developed by Durov, who was sentenced to criminal crime in Russia for not banning and deleting "terroristic groups"(actually political groups, not real terrorists)). From Vk police tracked lot's of people from network to rl... Those people were on protests or just posted something, or liked something from political opposition. Also software developers from Belarus made AI analyse and auto detect people faces, with insane accuracy, which were and used everywhere in Russia and Belarus to track people and sentence them to crimes(actually violating theirs constitution rights!). So, what comes to internet, for sure, always stays in here forever. Take a deep breath and come to think of it. If not dictators, but hackers or just really bad people have access to it? What can happen to strangers? So, you are warned. Take all you have to protect yourself. NEVER! NEVER ALLOW THEM TRACK YOUR DATA! DELETE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA! LETS UTILIZE FULL POWER OF ANONYMITY!!!