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6d · hmwyda
Hello! There are a few things that bother me! Racism and nuclear war! Fucking nukes and fucking niggers!
And I wanna all these bastards’ dead and as soon as possible!!!
#hmwyda wishlist:
1. Putin, you're pissing everybody off. Die already!!! I don't want a nuclear war!!!
For Putin's head - 25 btc!

2. Biden, you fucking lunatic! You and your son need to go to a fucking clinic!!
25 btc for Biden's head! and $1 for his son's head!

3. Prigozhin Yevgeny! Go to hell, you murderer and thief!
For Prigozhin's head – 10 btc!

4. Antony John Blinken! Who will send this guy to the kingdom of heaven?!
For Blinken's head, 5 btc!

5. Dmitry Medvedev! Stop threatening with nuclear weapons! Fuck you!!!
For Medvedev's head - 15 btc!!!

6. Zelensky! I don't believe a word he says!!! I have watched several interviews with him!!! He's a fucking junkie and a liar!!! Die!!!
For Zelensky's head - 20 btc!!!

7. Lloyd James Austin!!! Fuck you, nigger!!!
10 btc!!!

8. Sergei Shoigu! Are you fucking with Lloyd James Austin?! Stop attacking other people's countries!!!
10 btc!!!

9. Tucker Carlson! Shut your mouth bitch!!!
2 btc!!!

10. Marina Zakharova! She's Putin's bitch! She needs to go with Putin to hell!!!
8 btc!!

11. BLK - Dating for Black singles (App Store)
Niggers have got some nerve!!! Only black people can meet here! That's racist! Niggers need to calm down! Or can they only act normal if they are slaves?!
10 btc!!

12. Apple App Store.
There’re a lot of great apps in the apple App Store. But apps like BLK call into question the competence and views of App Store management. If niggers were banned from using Tinder tomorrow, they would rally and yell about equal rights, racism and whatever else! Fuck the app store management!
10 btc!!

I don't want to die of a nuclear war because of Putin, Biden or Zelensky!!!! I'd rather these criminals die!!! These are not presidents of countries! They're freak show clowns!!!
I'm fucking sick of taking antidepressants! I'm not fucking kidding!!