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Look at my tips, I simply click the heart and memo sends random amounts of sats...
replied · 9d
It's because you're liking your own posts. The tip calculator needs to be updated to handle those.
I am always liking my own posts since weeks, that has never happened before... why did that happen???
Now it seems to be not showing up anymore, but why the fuck did that happen?!?! In addition i was sent to a page to reload my wallet as the system though my wallet would be depleted.
replied · 9d
Once a block is mined the 25 tx limit resets
Nope that is not the case, MapleSyrupSucker did also get the tips!!! And this has never happened before!!! Why is that happening?!?! This is a BUG!
replied · 9d
You're right. There is an issue with the tip displayed for faucet txs.