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588d · memo
Memo Chain Comparison Dashboards (Timelines) On main site (green): 1st, 7th, and 9th memo using unsplit coins. 2nd-6th and 8th using ABC, thus not on SV. 👍 #hashwar #memo
replied 588d
I post statistic record everyday. I find that `the number of new txs posted on abc chain everyday` always equals to the number on main site. Which means that nobody post SV only txs.
replied 587d
test reply
replied 588d
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how an unsplit-coin reply to a split-coin post looks.

On the opposite site, it i as if I was replying to thin air!
replied 588d
Ha! Apparently I erred on chain…

1st, 7th, and 10th memo using unsplit coins. 2nd-6th and 8th-9th using ABC coins. Thus not on SV site.

4th memo on SV is 10th on ABC & main site.