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247d · memo site had an outage starting September 21. This was due to server reaching limits. It is now resolved. Current software is still single server so eventually things will stop working again.
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yay thanks for bringing back online! it's challenging with these dynamic network conditions! and not very rewarding also i guess, no one seems to have noticed it's back!? :/ i mentioned it once on twetch, i'll mention it again more other places, i'd like if people started using memo again, it's awesome :)
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Hi @memo, I am trying to post but it's letting me know I need some #bsv to get started...
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hi welcome to memo! what brings you here??
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Well | I | AM | Solving | Puzzles!!!
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Multi-server software is being worked on that is planned to be released open source and allow significantly more scaling.
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Open Source multi-server software is a must. Working in conjunction with, and why not BTC, would bring more grant$ and devs to contribute.