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593d · Bitcoin SV
The speculative 'Crypto' market is doomed. Give me real assets, real fundamentals, Scale, Utility, Security, and Stability. I support #BSV #BitcoinSV move the platform out of the toxic fraud markets. Talk fundamentals. I bet against ranters always.
PaidSockPuppet (bsv)
replied 593d
Dead on. It's a game of musical chairs that the exchanges want to keep running forever. There's no end, no goal, no direction, just perpetual movement of shit coins back and forth. BSV already has more tools than any other project that I am aware of and more coming all the time. I think the fact that people in the so-called "community" think that BSV is a write off, will make them all the more surprised to see the Phoenix rise, and it won't depend on gambling sites like Binance.