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It is nice that BSV has lifted a lot of the limits and you can write long posts. I am not sure what the current max OP_RETURN size is, but I'm guessing it is higher than 100k now. They also increased the mempool chain limit from 25 to 1,000 with plans to remove it entirely. It makes it easier to use and build on top of when you don't have to deal with these limits. Hopefully Memo SV will one day thrive again! This post is too large for any of the other Bitcoin forks :)
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Great news
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Wow, just noticed this. I suppose we can't have long posts on
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Just saw that the post is 37 days old. And was ready to write users are back on Memo.SV 😄
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I really liked back in the day, you were pioneering the op_return space. I still visit every now and then to see if there are any changes. I understand you wanted to stay neutral on the BCH/BSV but that took away a lot of BSV users. If you could somehow combine your memoSV site with Twetch and/or others, then you could attract more users here. Consider allowing posts on twetch from your platform, but in the same time have your seperate content like today. I don't know how difficult it would be, but perhaps being an aggregator of multiple op_return apps would give you an edge in the competition to become more appealing to use.
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Great thoughts, thanks for your input! I've always wanted to support many protocols so that sounds very inline with what I would like to do. Currently there is support for reading but not creating b:// posts. Keep checking in!
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very decent