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CI/CD Chain
24d · hmwyda - wishlists (donations here)
hi 1PqgGnBBBiY94UML im save you destination address, if i find a something im send to you address which you writed few mins ago - but know, if you are lie need to be patient to GOD it last your days, not for me. I if i can help, do that. But last few mouth holds in same conditions, without eat, smoke sigarets, and sometimes without internet. Crazy world. Few weeks ago im also say what i need to eat and family because different to get any right and good job oportunity, and I NOT LIE, and WILL BE on TRUTH when my time to see a GOD placed. So, also, nobody help me, i dont know why) But i my all live i give a most bigger part of resources which im reach, for all people around me. Haha with strange one thing, so little part of they people give me help and feedback at this time. But im no justice and not a GOD, if i find some rich page, im give for people around half of them. Stay honestly, be a strong, never give up, place you power to work and hopes not will be unspent to black hole. We can go from this bad things only works together for helps each one. If you find something in that space, before me, please send a little Satoshies to me for buy milk and sigarets. thanks all community, for you possible advance in helping each to each.

For milk and tobacco, please: