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We are fighting for human rights in russia. We are against slavery. Against political, sexual, racial repression. We will be glad to help. bc1q97usf8znxc3l3zva7t29cp22h93ua59f9lug2f
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It is nice that BSV has lifted a lot of the limits and you can write long posts. I am not sure what the current max OP_RETURN size is, but I'm guessing it is higher than 100k now. They also increased the mempool chain limit from 25 to 1,000 with plans to remove it entirely. It makes it easier to use and build on top of when you don't have to deal with these limits. Hopefully Memo SV will one day thrive again! This post is too large for any of the other Bitcoin forks :)
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hi 1PqgGnBBBiY94UML im save you destination address, if i find a something im send to you address which you writed few mins ago - but know, if you are lie need to be patient to GOD it last your days, not for me. I if i can help, do that. But last few mouth holds in same conditions, without eat, smoke sigarets, and sometimes without internet. Crazy world. Few weeks ago im also say what i need to eat and family because different to get any right and good job oportunity, and I NOT LIE, and WILL BE on TRUTH when my time to see a GOD placed. So, also, nobody help me, i dont know why) But i my all live i give a most bigger part of resources which im reach, for all people around me. Haha with strange one thing, so little part of they people give me help and feedback at this time. But im no justice and not a GOD, if i find some rich page, im give for people around half of them. Stay honestly, be a strong, never give up, place you power to work and hopes not will be unspent to black hole. We...
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Sorry for my english, i want to sleep, keyboard are not a good, and im in trying to say completely thing as big part no thinks about orthography and not fully followed right rules, hope you understand my good opinions... Its are a blockchain, i cannot change and clear my wrongs)
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I am grateful in advance to everyone who can help me. IN GOD WE TRUST!
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What if I hate less than 30 people? I guess