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I believe CSW when he says it could fail, but I also believe when he says that BSV will be the only chain.
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How long would you've had to hold oil to get rich?
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Yes if government chose too
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With McCoreMack promoting BSV and Twetch the way he is, I may need to load up on more before he pumps the price.
15] entice the tiger to leave its mountain lair
- - - - - - - - - - - -
never directly attack an opponent whose advantage is derived from its position. instead lure him away from his position thus separating him from his source of strength.
HaHaHaHa er a yeah theyr paid er somthin and and that frog and twetch.

Hey Pete too bad you cant twetch. the waters nice here. but we'll help you preserve your well thought words here for ya.
Even with his lack of modesty showing his guts like that, that’s still a really cute frog.
Interesting. I’ve never had it not work.
Interesting paradigm shift; Dark mode - Cost $1. Popular features create lots of value while unpopular features are expensive to maintain for the few purchasers. Does sunsetting unpopular features give a kickback or am I renting Dark Mode until sunset?
well deserved like my friend!
I’ve been eating nothing but ribeye steak and eggs cooked in pure butter for 3 weeks.
Feel amazing lost loads of fat.
Google vince gironda, he trained arnie and he designed the steak and egg diet.
He can't help himself
Profits are bad mmkay