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Perfect 👍 didn’t realize the post time was clickable
One of the more irksome allegations is that "BCH caused the bear market!!!"
When it's also used in a PR campaign...
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BTC is yesterday's failed experiment. At this stage it shouldn't matter what their incompetent devs do.
US Proxy Claims Responsibility For Sri Lanka Attack, Saudis Behead 37 People & The Golan Of Trump
#SaudiArabia #SriLanka #Daesh #NotreDame #Gaza #Israel #Syria #GolanHeights #TrumpShtetl
#Roblox Adopt Me Gameplay! All Eggs & Legendary Egg Location! Making a Mermaid Pool in my House!
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this is what mislead me.
Crescent Cash BCH Wallet Features SLP Token Support for phones

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Not in the app. On the web you copy the link by clicking the post time. It's on the list of things to add. Thanks.
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Seems to be working OK for me...
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Didn't know about this game, must check it out later...
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I checked, it's from a real thread.
Here you go, the entry point:

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Good news everyone!

You grandchildren might be able to use Lightning on Bitcoin, sometime in the next 30-50 years!

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Yes, an archiver that backs up to IPFS would be better. I'll have to have a look around whether such a thing exists.
Three-Cheese Pizza Blend Recipe : Tips for Making Pizza
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Excellent move using a wayback machine link. Of course, I suppose he could try to get them to remove it at some point. This is great comedy though.
I support leaving @Bitcoin account alone. Sure we are in different camps, but unless SN gains trademark/copyright on Bitcoin and it's logos, no one should stop that account due to branding.
Protip: Don't use BCH Chain memo or Twitter for long dialogue. Instead use Steemit, Medium, Honest Cash or BSV chain memo (far larger word-count).
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I'm seeing an old memo in the top of my feed, and then newer ones.
Possible bug: there's no update on my feed since yesterday.
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