Next 10 years of Bitcoin, with Jeffrey Tucker, Chris Pacia, Vin Armani, Tone Vays, and Yury Polozov

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I called out Samson one time, and he blocked me within 2 minutes of me tweeting calling him out on his bullshit lol
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I will be a billionaire in satoshis , by ...
Who want to tip me
#Roblox The CrusheR Gameplay! I stole and ate Canned Beans that made me Crazy!
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BCH is king
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I love Buckminster Fuller!!!!!
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cool ! Chris Pacia too ?
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Bitcoin SV Builds.

The true measure of success of any Blockchain Project is NOT the price but the BLOCK is NOT the crypto currency exchange volume but the BLOCKCHAIN NETWORK TRANSACTION VOLUME.

UTILITY matters... It's the only sustainable reason for it's existence. It can not be forged. It's the real use case velocity.

Don't follow the Price, it can be manipulated and speculated - casino style.. the house is filled with gamblers pushing the card while the unsuspecting public buy it.

Follow the development. The price naturally follows the development. Only utility can sustain the price. Without utility, you are merely watching the price go up only to tumble down crashing endless cycle of speculation, until one truly sustained it.

The future belongs to those who build. Bitcoin SV builds.
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can anyone please tip for tomorrow prediction
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I don't think the entire crypto sphere is united against it, Libra serves a valuable purpose if you buy the BTC fanboy Store of Value bullshit. They will probably celebrate it
Priorities for summer 2019:

1) Barre for Ballet

2) Bitcoin Apps for Anypay

3) Moving out of expensive condo
Kind of odd but I feel compelled to share this with the record books in an attempt to never repeat. Awful stomach after eating poorly for three days, mainly red meat and carbs.

Will stick to plant protein and fiber.
To extend the useful lifespan of your computer, consider installing a lightweight Linux distribution. If you still need Windows occasionally, make a dual-boot setup. #MondayMemo