“You cannot save people, you can just love them”
Comment in this thread to get some Baby Badgers. Only provide a simpleledger: address if you want me to send the BABs to an address other than your Memo-linked one.
#BSV Is not Politics, not religion, not currency, not a place, or a person.
It's apolitical, apathetic. Not anti this, pro that. #BSV stands on it's own. It is a system used, it doesn't promote. It must follow the Rule of Law or its doomed. Even your enemy will use it.
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You can now link your Twitter account in settings and automatically post Memos. Thanks @JettScythe for pushing for this, it's now a native feature :)
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Israel Bombs Iraq, US Threatens Greece Over Iran's Ship & Trump Says Jews Voting For Dems "Disloyal"
#Israel #Iraq #Greece #Iran #DonaldTrump #4thAmendment #NSA #JeffreyEpstein #Syria
Memo needs a quick and easy to use tool for adding pictures to posts. Sometimes I just don't feel like going to imgur, upload the pic, copy the address, and paste the link into my memo.
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Those who like their own posts. Not once, but five times, should be medicated. #dailymemo #bforbad
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A myriad of cultural, political and economic chaos fills the media channels while a singular revolutionary innovation is quietly building. Most of those protecting their antiquated market turf scoff and subvert as others build, design and invest on a clear realization of the paradigm shift. #WeChooseBSV
Super hero tycoon rullllllllllles
The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.