124 BCH Total tips on memo reached!
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Hello world :)
· 9h
I have updated Crescent Cash (https://crescent.cash) to support Bitcoin Cash SLP tokens!

Highly important feature request: post tagging, like "NSFW" or "spoiler", these posts would require the user to click or tap to show the content
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This is one of the reasons I switched to BCH. They claim it's to "keep the cost of running a node down", but then pay $50 in fees 🤔
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I am on Honest.Cash guys!
Please check it out. Will be needing your support here too. Thank you so much in advance!
Hello Memos. Please remember as we approach the upgrade, trolls of all kinds will be looking for divisive issues to amplify. Please don't give them any easy wedges.
It surprises me what a handful of hard working people can do for a large project. I'm honoured to work alongside some amazing people with the shared goal of spreading Bitcoin adoption for the world.