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Does anyone know any sites that sell hydroponic equipment and accepts crypto payments?
With mainstream social media banning and censoring some big names recently, how long before we see a big name on Memo?
How they rule ya
Lightning Network is not fit for purpose. Unless you connect to a ‘Supernode’ it just doesn’t work. Thank god for Bitcoin Cash cos without it we’d be fucked
Keep spreading the tips, I find they are good to use for noobs I introduce to Bitcoin. CoinText is also a good way to get people involved
No censorship in here, say what the fuck you want
Today I need to put some plants into bigger pots, I can't help but associate this with the block size increase upgrade. Think I'm going crazy, send help!
There's no need to keep checking the block count when syncing a full node, you will know it's finished when you can move the fucking mouse pointer again!
I can't wait for someone to try and spam the network and every transaction just gets gobbled up in one big block.
Adoption is growing and can’t be stopped
More demand for Bitcoin Cash than ‘Old’ Bitcoin
Starting to learn a lot about Blockstream and the future of BTC, pretty grim
The original message being embedded in replies make it easier to follow
If you haven't already you should watch this
BTC is multi layer system, BCH is P2P
BTC is multi layer system, BCH is P2P
Just switch from buying BTC monthly to buying BCH monthly. Hope it pays off
Get free BCH to use on Memo
Bellew vs Haye 2 predictions? I think Haye on points
Too many people would have to be involved in a lie
Lots of police just gone past, someone must have been offensive on twitter :)
What does everyone think of Smartcash?
Sunday morning wake & bake, fuck yeah! 👌