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Bitcoin is censorship resistant, and thus it became Bitcoin Cash.

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Great idea, thanks! Hopefully we can add this soon.
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Bitcoin Core (BTC) median fees: $0.26

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) median fees: $0.003

BTC IS 87x more expensive to use FOR THE SAME THING
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todays testing
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Yesterday 152804-150632=2172 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈6.4%. Charts available at
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August 1st is the 1 year anniversary of the #BCH Hard Fork. We'll be celebrating with a special Bitcoin Cash meetup in #Tokyo.
Event details to be revealed soon! #BitcoinCash #Adoption #BCHforeveryone
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Definition of spam is irrelevant or inappropriate, the stresstest is neither. The ST is showcasing BCH capacity, proving to merchants BCH does scale, this will bring Natural Velocity.
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Bitcoin Adoption in Korea is Exploding 🚀🇰🇷
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Watch Roger Ver's latest vlog showing the exciting developments happening in Korea:

As always let us know in the comments if you come from
En Fri Mand
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Corruption all around.
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Hope when 2018-09-01, with strees test. Transactions of BCH can overtake XRP & ETH, be the largest transaction coin.
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BCH exceeds 100,000 transactions/day today. Happiest day for me this year if it’s from legitimate txns like CoinEx and not only stress tests.
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No funds needed. Donations welcome though :) Mobile app is a high priority.
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Dust consolidation is no longer required. Memo will automatically consolidate as needed.