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Nick E. Neindurs
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so when I type here it goes to memo... am I reaching into different dimensions from the one post???
pure brilliance,
-->> White Rabbit <<--

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Did BCH seem to you like a `facist dictatorship` before the ABC & SV split? From what it looks to me, BSV hasn't really changed from that time; just stably & smoothly chugging along.
Nick E. Neindurs
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the unity is not infinite, it is unbounded

remember this as we unify our world's consciousness
Nick E. Neindurs
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we are all conflicted at times, we fight within ourselves constantly, keeping the unity in balance requires constant attention and adjustments, once achieved, this enlightenment
Nick E. Neindurs
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every human is but a collective of trillions of cells, we are each the unified consciousness of these collectives naturally driving to a greater level of unity
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Nick E. Neindurs
Nick E. Neindurs
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tyrants don't always equate to capitalists
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Nick E. Neindurs
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Maybe if enough of you guys snowball amaury he’ll get his avalanche lmao
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