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I think the bs v cleansing has began....(aka bs v delisting)
watchout for big dumpings on market.
Zilliqa,Binace tokenswap from erc20 to mainet Zil, starts in 1hour😜
✨ Zilliqa.....Binance is supporting our #tokenswap! It's on 22 April at 0:00 AM UTC ✨
Happy Easter everyone😘
Just thinking we could see a mega cryptodump...
Too are expecting a huge breakout soon.....then think they can sell and easily dump high....
Ok ill admit it..Bitcoin Cash is not Bitcoin...
So what is Bitcoin?
..Bitcoin is Bitcoin Cash 🎈😜👍👏
I just discovered Mr Mac worked for nasa...
John Mcafee...forget telling us about Satoshi...
Tell us....did nasa really land on the moon? 🚀😜
Guys 👀 on Zil 📈

Binance would like to confirm support for the ZIL mainnet token swap and will suspend deposits and withdrawals of ZIL starting from 2019/04/22 0:00 AM
I think most who have been in crypto fulltime for over 7 years,
knows who Satoshi is 🧐
Immortalize your thoughts.....
Type a Memo 😎
Suetoshi 🤣🤣🤣
“In this case, it is a unique case for us, we haven’t delisted any other coins because the founders, people who are promoting it, turned out to be total assholes.” - Kraken CEO
Craig has a higher chance of being Tiger Woods than Satoshi 😀
Craig FORCING!! a judge to pass judgement on the origins of Bitcoin....
Probably the dumbest comment i have ever saw in the cryptoworld.
woa reddit is down...
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b sv comments broke reddit...but it cannot break MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMEMO
Ending support for Bitcoin Cash SV (BSV) in the Blockchain Wallet
By Blockchain Team • April 15, 2019

At press time, the cost of carrying out a 51% attack on Bitcoin SV is just around $6500.
Interesting video, recommend everyone watches..

Includes...Julien,Bitcoin,Wikileaks,Wright and even Hodlnaut 🧐
Looks like people are finding out the real reason Ecuador handed over Julien.

Ecuador’s $10bn package from IMF to support struggling economy.
President Moreno said saved the country from becoming like Venezuela.