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VP at the fastest growing multi-currency mining pool.

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Want to mine BitcoinCASH? Try out <-
Want to mine BitcoinCASH? Try out <-
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VP at the fastest growing multi-currency mining pool.
tk is on da bch blockchain 4eva XD
Built-in Replay Protection for your Wallet ✅

You can safely transact Bitcoin Cash without affecting your BSV ✅

BSV extraction tool available soon.
getting ready for the bitcoin cash hackathon this weekend in Rainy Amsterdam 😍
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seems like there's a lot of support for WHC over here XD
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any devs in europe that wanna participate, lemme know :) great judges and mentors. sponsored by and many others
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Check out the bitcoin cash hackathon going on in Amsterdam, ->
Check out the Bitcoin Cash Hackathon occurring in Amsterdam, ->

Dev? Make sure to participate! #BCH
Anyone at Consensus Singapore? #ConsensusSingapore
Just showing a friend how this works
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instead of focusing on drama let's focus on building - my motto! ;)
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woops, not but rather
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Hey why isn't on the site under the "Projects"
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CSW fork clear winner 2 votes · 0 satoshis
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🤖⁉️ Do we need some bots on like you write "BCH price" and bot reply to your memo with answer? or with other functionality
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