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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is Bitcoin.

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replied · 171d
Maybe because you know, the state don't like it. BTC supporters are now statists.
replied · 173d
Simply bumping up the blocksize limit on your centralized farce network and artificially creating big blocks is not scaling.
replied · 173d
As for Twitter they are being manipulated or influenced by the Globalist State.
replied · 180d
New Hampshire -- the Free State!
· 192d
XRP GovMint Coin, most vaildators are Banking Institutions from what I heard. All coins premined and sold off in an ICO like fashion. XRP Tokens sold out in waves. Cherry-picked vaildator pool.
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One of my all-time favorites 🤣😜
· 195d
Chris Pacia: BSV is NOT the Original Bitcoin
replied · 195d
Lose lawsuits.
Get fired from nChain for losing "second hashwar".
Move to TN/GA/TX (GOP favored States)
Pass USA BAR Exam and become a Lawyer again.
Run for Senator/Governor.
replied · 200d
I don't think there is much of a track record of CSW in Bitcoin Space before him meeting with Gavin, right? Wasn't around then so correct me if I'm wrong.
replied · 200d
3 Billion TPS not happening on PoW chain or not within next two decade on PoW. Goal is way too high and unrealistic for next 5 years or so IMO.
replied · 201d
Only people who want to subvert current laws try to get Judge to rule against own laws. Like if they are libtard radical protesters who want less jail time ect.
replied · 201d
That's why you never agree to a trial by Judge over a trial by Jury. Judge can override and rule against current laws in some states. Jury can't bend laws around and rule whatever.
replied · 241d
United Corp lawsuit is frivolous using Sherman Act from 1800s as a way to sue BCH Devs.
· 242d
A custom Guinea Pig Samurai Tattoo that I did. This is one of those pieces that is so original and unique that it was just super fun to make and quite a memorable one in my portfolio.

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is Bitcoin.
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There were a few BTC OGs that bolted to BSV without any clear motivation as to why their ideologies changed...