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870d · News
Word is coming out of Slovenia that, if verified, will cause an unimaginable world reaction. On Saturday 20 November, the Chief Nurse of the University Medical Center, Ljubljana Clinical Center, who deals with the administration of vaccine vials and manages everything, quit her job, went in front of TV cameras and took out vaccine bottles. She showed the gathered journalists the codes on the bottles, each with the final number 1, 2, or 3 in the code, and then explained the meaning of these numbers: Number 1 is placebo, saline. Number 2 is the classic mRNA "#vax" Number 3 is an RNA stick containing the ONC gene, related to adenovirus, which contributes, among other things, to the development of cancer.
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870d · News
My ex, who is vaccinated and had a “breakthrough” infection, came up to visit me in the city I just moved to. She was concerned as I’m un #vax I told her I didn’t care. She took a rapid antigen in front of me - positive - still didn’t give a shit. We were in very close contact (if you know what I mean) for four days.

I’m still negative.

She finally got a dose of reality and was pissed about why we shut down the world for a flu. This is the only place I can post this and not get banned. Stay strong.

SS: Did the dirty with a dirty; still not dirty.
873d · JFK
LBJ in Air Force One after just taking the presidential oath of office, and LBJ turns and smiles a wide smile to (I believe) Congressman Albert Richard Thomas, who winks at LBJ...
873d · JFK
Rosemary Kennedy lobotomy.

Rosemary since birth has had major developmental setbacks due to being held in the womb for up to two hours. Not enough oxygen to her brain. Her mother was instructed to hold Rosemary in, because the Doctor was running late, and was apparently busy dealing with people suffering from the Spanish Flu.

In 1938, Rosemary was presented to King George VI, and Queen Elizabeth.

After that visit to the UK, Wikipedia says that Rosemary started regressing big time, violent outbursts, depression, rebellion. She was having many sexual partnerships, and her family feared that she would get pregnant or get an STD. So her dad decided to get her a lobotomy in 1941.

She was the disposable slightly mentally disabled spawn whom ole Joe probably eagerly offered up in exchange for favors.
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873d · JFK
1977-1979, members of a Congressional committee tried to intimidate Kennedy's autopsy pathologist into agreeing with their new official version of the bullet wounds.
873d · JFK
Reporter Martin Steadman, 2013: A week after the JFK assassination, ER surgeon Dr. Malcolm Perry said that one of Kennedy's autopsy pathologists threatened his medical career if he continued to say the throat wound appeared to be a bullet entrance.
873d · JFK
When Congress was re-investigating the JFK assassination in the late 70's, a medical illustrator tasked with making sketch reproductions of the autopsy photographs was pressured into drawing a small blemish on the scalp to look like a bullet entry wound.
873d · JFK
Parkland Hospital's Dr. Charles Baxter in a 1992 interview: "I made a statement that, any one of us in the school or in the hospital that ever made a dime off of anything they said about the assassination, I would try to see that their medical career was ruined"
878d · Alec Baldwin shoots you in the fucking face!
New lawsuit claims, "Alec Baldwin intentionally, without just cause or excuse, cocked and fired the loaded gun even though the upcoming scene to be filmed did not call for the cocking and firing of a firearm." (lawandcrime.com)
893d · Alec Baldwin shoots you in the fucking face!
897d · Alec Baldwin shoots you in the fucking face!
900d · Alec Baldwin shoots you in the fucking face!
‘Fanny pack’ of bullets found on Rust set: ‘Loose ammunition raises questions’ |||| A spokesperson for the police department said the case was ‘complicated’ (independent.co.uk)
901d · Alec Baldwin shoots you in the fucking face!
902d · Alec Baldwin shoots you in the fucking face!
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902d · Crypto
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902d · Alec Baldwin shoots you in the fucking face!
Alec Baldwin replaced union whistleblowers who demanded increased gun safety measures on set with non-union workers. Whistleblowers were sent home and six hours later Alec Baldwin had shot two crewmembers killing one of them dead. (nypost.com)
903d · Alec Baldwin shoots you in the fucking face!
903d · Alec Baldwin shoots you in the fucking face!
October 20th, 2021 was a Full Moon / Hunter's Moon / Blood Moon. A day for ritualistic human sacrifice. I'm sure the Baldwin incident was just an accident.
903d · Alec Baldwin shoots you in the fucking face!
903d · Alec Baldwin shoots you in the fucking face!
903d · Alec Baldwin shoots you in the fucking face!