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This, in a nutshell, is why people like CSW will continue to be able to con others.

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All txs
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Lastly, it seems to be based on value. I will hit the limit after only a few 1 mil sat likes. If I attempt an action and get the message, I can use a smaller amount and it works.
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Also, I have definitely dished our way more than 25 actions per block. Yesterday, I counted something like ~80 “likes” between blocks before I hit this issue.
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Georg Engelmann
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Schiff Gold (by Peter Schiff) accepts Bitcoin Cash (BCH) payments through BitPay
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Mostly looking for basic UX/UI advice / direction.

Will slowly roll out more features in the near future.

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You could try BTC2, which is in theory paired with BTC and created by SideShift AI.
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think you're right. just hope BCH can outlast world govs.
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Has anyone heard of Arwen?

Looks promising, if access to centralzd exchange liquidity is as advertised. It's not really decentralized, but with essentially all the benefits.

BCH support coming soon.
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I didn't find the exact list I was looking for, but I did find this:

Also, anyone know what happened to
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lol come play in the mud with us! (jk & thanks for the generous tips & spreading positivity🌞)
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Seriously though.