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Liquid is cool
Bch people you need to build faster than they do, they are a company and you're a community
(Waiting for avalanche to be on main net)
replied · 16d
To the memo protocol ? You are the only one developing it so you are the only one modifying the protocol. I don't think there is an alternative serious site that is a "memo clone"
replied · 16d
It works too with the retweet functionality that is missing here, if only 10% can rt it's weird
It's a good thing because the n1 should be the one that decides because who else should
replied · 16d
If I want to add something to the memo protocol (let say private message) and you disagree/dont want to implement it then it'll fail and cause frustration for everyone
replied · 17d
That's the sticking point. You need to be n°1 to add features to the protocol
replied · 17d
Memo is an open protocol
Dude srsly that's the point of metanet. Everything open so anyone can compete
replied · 17d
"1.) I'm looking to collect 100 BCH to start off."

Dude, fuck off BCH doesn't work like that
replied · 19d
Obvious question. Does the restaurant accept BCH?
replied · 20d
Anyone can join and mine
Anyone can fork their code to create node software that compete with their
Not sure what others businesses they have. Patents ? You can do it too
And so on ...
#PHP #library for #BitcoinCash released
#BCH and #SLP token payments made easy!😁
Including generation of addresses using xPub and QR codes with payment URIs
replied · 20d
Why ? Anyone can post on the chain and read it. So how is that centralised ? Patents ?
replied · 21d
Otherwise I think I agree. Metanet is very high risk high reward project
replied · 21d
What do you mean by "shares" ? It's a decentralized project I don't think they can make money from it because it's just posting txs to the blockchain
replied · 21d
How is it a scam ?
· 26d
Just giving some proof of Life on the blockchain. Today's my bday and BCH Is mooning.
replied · 26d
Buy derivate product
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replied · 35d
And I havent tried but I'm pretty sure you can use the weather (and therefore these data) to get random numbers
replied · 35d
Yup. It's just a demo of what you can do when you upload data on chain but they've over 1.000.000 txs. Therefore you can ask the blockchain the data and plot them
replied · 35d
A lot of txs comes from weather sv
replied · 35d
They won't use a bch token but more something like Liquid