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Ready Player One
This is a day where I would like to ask the robot what the BCH price development is...
Just added 4 OpenBazaar shops to Greenpages - drugs and cactus shops for the win :)
Gold is rallying - digital gold not so much...

There's a lot of hype of this new coin "GRIN" on twitter. Seems the BTC "thought leaders" are promoting it - at least Jameson Lopp. Are you buying into the hype? Not me...
2018 it was NANO, 2017 it was IOTA...
"Tuesday, just an ordinary day, nothing Unusual about it at all, but today Every person that I passed Seemed miserable, lost Doleful and downhearted...."
If I top up my Memo account from say a bitcoin.com wallet, will it be functional? Or not - because it doesn't also send SV?
Sorry for the fat finger posts...🙈
I will disable my usual tips to conserve sats.
I will disable my usual til,
If I top up my Memo account from say a bitcoin.com wallet
Dream scenario: The SV/CSW fuss is all about forcing Bitmain to move hash from BTC and at the same time forcing a sell-off in BTC to kickstart a Flippening event...
I hope these miners will be turned on soon in support of ABC:
If SV/CSW manages to take over BCH I will loose faith in Bitcoin as a concept and will be looking to reduce my position. I think many feel the same as me...
Another viewpoint re ABC / SV that I completely agree with:
My Purse order got cancelled because the gift cards the earner used apparently were purchased with stolen credit cards. The order is now re-submitted.
Just using purse for the third time. Largest order so far - 19% discount and order accepted in about12 hours. Lovin it. Let me know if anyone wants a ref link to get $5 for using it.
Jon Silverblood in Denmark. Man kan mødes med ham og nørde BCH ;)
Paid my friend in BCH for my share of a restaurant bill last night. His first ever crypto received - hopefully a new BCH enthusiast has been created.
Så' det fredag!
Looks like it already ended - not really testing the capacity by any means. Meanwhile on the BTC side, the mempool is flooded with 10 mb and median fees are rising...