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replied · 98d
Thanks this is fixed now too. If you notice any more places please let me know.
Georg Engelmann
· 133d
I reconfigured an old twitter account to post memos on twitter so you can read (some of) the newest memos through your twitter account #bitcoincash #memocash
replied · 134d
I installed it. Nice game, but I haven't managed to solve it yet.
replied · 134d
Finally got it out for Android too. There is an issue with the font, but the game works.
· 134d
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· 134d ·
Defending the "Gold2.0" meme about Bitcoin?
replied · 136d
Really sad how they crippled Bitcoin.
· 136d
No comment
· 136d · memo
BCH: 409159-407708=1451 memo txs. num of txs📈69.7%, account for 7.4% of all BCH txs(19565)
BSV: 762946-762517=429 memo txs, num of txs📉4.0%, (35765)
· 136d
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Julia Williams
· 139d
Making a beautiful sketch of my angel Kuhoo.
· 139d
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replied · 139d
Great dude. Welcome to memo.
Georg Engelmann
replied · 140d
"I don't care"
· 145d
🍕🍕Bitcoin Pizza day in Tokyo at Two Dogs Taproom featured two meetups. BCH on main floor. BTC on upper floor.

Total purchases paid in BCH: 40+
Total purchases paid in BTC: 0 (Fiat/credit only😂)

replied · 142d
I will get it published to Android too. It's written in React Native, so it should would on both platforms pretty much out of the box.
· 142d
SideShift AI has completed its TEST PILOT STAGE. Upgrade to V0.2 successful.🎈
· 142d · Bitcoin Cash
Two Miners Purportedly Execute 51% Attack on Bitcoin Cash Blockchain
replied · 142d
Unfortunately I can't use it because I use Android ☹️
· 142d
I finally published my first little game for iOS.
· 142d
Again and again I send some satoshis to eatBCH. It is well spent money.