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Is it possible to create a contract on BCH which automatically splits input coins between several addresses?
Here are examples of higher up power not tolerating the loss of control on money:
Same thing is happening with Iran, Russia and China (oil settlement in non-USD currency)
"Without making any further assumptions, the million dollar bitcoin will arrive on or around August 13, 2020."
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Because almost nobody is using it, the demand isn't based on usage but on speculation.
"Bitcoin Cash (BCH) just skyrocketed to a new threshold. It’s now the 2nd most valuable blockchain in the entire cryptocurrency industry. This has nothing to do with speculative market caps or exchanges. This is
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Interesting, #dailymemo is the most popular hash tag on Memo. Great work!
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In one word: why?!
"It isn't just the censorship which allows the BTC cult to mislead so many people. They also gain 8 years' worth of creative material which still exists online (YouTube videos, blog articles, etc.)
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than real gold as a medium of exchange.
And let's not miss the fact that being able to use the gold directly as a medium of exchange without needing a bank to route it for you
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slow and expensive has the effect of turning Bitcoin back into gold 1.0. Slow and expensive is the BTC strategy. A digital version of gold that isnt cheap and fast to move is no better
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Bitcoin wasn't ever supposed to be a decision about being "gold or cash." Bitcoin was always supposed to be gold and cash. That's what makes it disruptive!
Making onchain transactions
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gold digital makes it teleportable (weightless, massless) and trivially divisible. In other words, digital gold solves the problem of using gold directly as a medium of exchange.
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made it possible to teleport one song from an album right into your home, digital gold makes it possible to teleport one payment's worth of gold directly to the recipient.
Making the
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immutable) and make them digital.
In exactly the same way that digital news made it possible to teleport one article from a virtual newspaper right into your hands, and streaming music
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way to use gold for payments directly, so no "mint" or "bank" was needed!
The genius of Bitcoin was in figuring out a way to take all the properties of gold (valuable, scarce, and
"To use gold as a medium of exchange, historically, one had to turn it into coinage, which can be diluted causing inflation or banknotes, which can be printed without reserves causing inflation. If only there was some
"With the lie going around that Bitcoin was always mean to be Gold 2.0, you should not ask what it was designed to be, you should ask what you (and the masses) want it to be. They make it valuable."