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MerchantFees: A tool to calculate how high fees affect large-volume merchants and how much they could gain/lose by adopting BCH/BTC vs FIAT (Hint: BCH is cheapest)
"One thing to note is that LN is not required to run only on top of BTC. It can also run on top of other coins and in fact many other coins would be able to support Lightning Network much better than BTC can."
"One of the very first responses Satoshi got on the maillist was from James Donald, who explained to Satoshi that his design meant that everyone would have to run a node. Satoshi explained to him the basics of SPV,
"The biggest lie they sold was the lie that you had to choose between "digital gold" and "digital cash." That you had to choose between "store of value" and "medium of exchange."
The promise of Bitcoin
"Anyone who thinks crypto will take the establishment without a huge fight is fooling themselves. The establishment doesn't want their rigged Ponzi game disrupted, and immutable records where you can't fudge for
Prediction: one year from now, BSV will not be a top 100 crypto by market cap (it is currently #14). Its security has become too weak.
McCormack: when the white paper was written, there was no 2nd layer, there was no LN and there was no 1mb blocksize cap. So to accuse Rizun of dishonesty (propaganda) when calling large blocks and
"Non-custodial will eventually win out, because it just makes sense. Why would you trust some giant financial entity when you could just trust yourself? People 100 years ago kept money in their mattresses and holes in
Twitter CEO Asks What Should be Done with @Bitcoin Account in Private Message
"What fucking idiot is selling all their concert tickets on the lightning network? I mean we have perfectly good systems for debit and credit cards already available for that.
"Compared to Lightning, BCH has much stronger uptake. Lighting has only 8000 nodes and 38,000 channels. The average channel capacity is $140 and there is only $5M in total liquidity.
Bitcoin Cash Launches Notary Service
"Its unclear that all of Lightning's theoretical additional layers are inflation proof. Lightning's biggest problem is lack of liquidity. Easily solved by printing money on demand. Don't say you weren't warned."
"For the first 5-7 years of Bitcoin's life, it was p2p. Only in the last few years, since Blockstream has gained a strangle hold over BTC, has the idea changed to off-chain and 2nd-layer. The 1Mb transaction cap makes
Calvin Ayre and Craig Wright do not actually care about BSV at all. They only care about causing as much harm to the crypto space as possible. Now, who might want to slow down all of crypto/blockchain?
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