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replied · 4d
I gave him the option of Bitpay or Bitcoin Cash Register and he chose the later.
I signed up a new merchant for #BCH today 🤗 he gains economic freedom for his business.
replied · 5d
Thank you
I was interviewed by Coinspice you can check it out here if you have 30 minutes https://coinspice.io/news/podcast-from-noob-to-veteran-laura-young-and-her-cryptocurrency-journey/
replied · 6d
Just so people know, the website is cryptophyl.com. You forgot the Y in crypto.
replied · 6d
Oops thank you
New exchange called #Crptophyl.com is the first to list the #SPL token #Spice
This is so cool
New exchange that is closed Beta has just listed Spice! #SpiceMustFlow
replied · 11d
oh ok i thought he was talking about other peoples balances. Anyways hey i have a shitty SV balance too
replied · 11d
How do you see balances?
replied · 11d
Why do you dislike Naomi? I think she is great!
You can now Sideshift to obtain more Spice tokens
replied · 18d
The devs sometimes take all of the glory. But the marketers. The designers. The content writers. They're the unsung heroes helping make radical ideas more appealing to the general public. Thank you.