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Is there a link to that web interface?
It is nice to see people together here and express themselves, this is what Capitalism is for:D
If we use labor theory of value we can divide between the capital that is a product of previous labor and that which is not, but that would also be another name for what we refer to as capital.
Even in a society where production was done with machines exclusively and we shared access, no private owners, the machines and their products would be capital, there is no non-capital option.
I noted earlier in the thread that that there is capital, including social capital, it is how that is used that is different, unless you use modifiers in front of it like "constant capital".
"One of Sayoc’s cousins, who spoke on the condition of anonymity" Not much Anonymity there, that almost sounds like an onion quote.
But as always, innocent until proven guilty beyond any reasonable doubt. This is the first time since the 2001 anthrax that I can remember international news on domestic terrorism in the mail.
The accused man may be from Florida, but he is no FloridaMan,
That is a good point SilentSam, it is even possible to create a worker co-op where the workers are the owners of the capital and make the decision in unison.
But Capitalism without a descriptor is usually mean to be private property rights with minimal state intervention, but there still being a state, unless it is something like anarcho-capitalism.
So the state controlling the capital could be called state capitalism, both private and public or co-opt or anything else operates with capital, it is the way that it is done that is different.
And I will also concede that Capitalism (without describing which form of capitalism) does not say much, as capital is the name for the resources that can be used in various ways.
So there may not even be free will for example, that is a legitimate philosophical debate, but we use the word to describe the lack of coercion and force, free choice is not being forced by gun.
Economic freedom degree may be a better description (https://www.heritage.org/index/ranking), the best we can do is rank from most to least as everything needs to be compared to get a ranking.
There are varying degrees of economic freedom which can be divided into various categories with criteria that is evaluated using some methodology that is disclosed. That is the best we can do.
Checking out the new function.
Checking out the new function.
Checking out the new function.
Or is it?
Green is a good color.
Intentions are not results.
The authority in free markets is the choices of the individuals actors in it, there is no authority that pulls the strings.
You may be able to get jumped in, Los Angeles perhaps, then you may be able to fly the colors of your colorful gang.