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Things are definitely looking good!
· 93d
~ Happy First Year Anniversary Memo.Cash!
~ Happy Birthday to me as well!
~ Happy 1-Year being a member here too!
~ BCH the ONLY GREEN mark from CMC's TOP 20 coins. Up with 10% in 24 hours time-frame.
Help me vote for shakepay BCH integration
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replied · 113d
This is fixed now. Thank you for reporting.
voted BCH 546 sat · 238d
created poll · 238d
In the case that Memo only supports one chain, which chain do you prefer?
BCH 47 votes · 9,563 satoshis
BSV 51 votes · 15,267 satoshis

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Scaling by telling all their users to piss off? How does that works?
replied · 272d
BCH is permissionless so what are you gonna do?
Bitcoin Files might become the new piratebay.

Think about it.
Hi, today I'm releasing Bitquery, a Turing Comple..
I made a design for somebody in but he didn't pay me, this app shold have a better payment system for who sells his work, practically. I made a free design for him... named nilspim
replied · 282d
On-Chain tech is getting 10y old and proven now. If the protocol gets not messed up again (noSW!) than BCH wins world adoption!
replied · 283d
larger govs (ie tribes, city-states, then states, nations) have not reduced corruption/abuses of power. Why would yet another, larger gov “hold ppl” to anything?
We are still in the early days. Once adoption comes, upgrades should be mandatory only if a security bug is found.
replied · 283d
Is CashID somewhere implemented?
replied · 283d
We've got plans to improve this. Just takes time to implement and lots of other priorities.
There's an identy manager linked to from and example requests can be found on

Badger wallet announced support today as well.
Happy Thanksgiving from your Canadian Friends in the Great White North Eh :D
Online Automotive Parts Retailer Newparts Now Accepts Bitcoin Cash