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· 25d
How is it possible to tip only in BCH?
· 26d
March Madness is fun to watch, but I also feel a little guilty about watching because the athletes get exploited. These college athletes need to get paid!
· 31d
What will the BSV people do when BSV fails? Will they go back to BCH?
· 63d
BCH should have something similar to the HandCash app
· 66d
Do BSV people really want CSW as one of their thought leaders? I don't think BSV can succeed with CSW
· 68d
I am glad to see Bitcoin SV aka CraigCoin out of the top 10 in marketcap. It should slide down even further over time.
· 78d
There is no way the US should invade Venezuela. Let them figure out their own problems. Intervention in general does not have a successful track record.
· 90d
We should make the government shutdown permanent. We especially don't need the TSA.
Meetups are a great idea
Important announcements should not be teased. Because nobody will be disappointed and there will be no delays.
I am not going to watch any more Bitcoin.com weekly updates until they go back to the old format. The Japanese girls seem like nice people but they don't know much about BCH.
What to look forward to for BCH and Bitcoin.com:

- Bitcoin.com hardware wallet
- Cash shuffle plugin added to Bitcoin.com phone wallet
- Bitcoin.com debit card
The hash war did some damage to BCH. However the fraud CSW was removed, so it will probably be worth it in the end.
Anyone else not trust Bitcoin ABC?