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Took my first step into getting back into the habit of mediation. #goals #positiveHabits #meditation
How's everyone's Sunday? #BCH
Core needs to understand that currencies and "store of values" of economic aspects to them.
Ready for the weekend.
Honestly don't care what coin you are referring to. When I see someone use the term "shitcoin", I think you look childish.
"I'm the dog. The big bad dog."
I'm ready for summer. Tired of the cold and more snow on the way here in Nebraska.
Practice interview for a class tomorrow. Wish me luck!
Resident Evil 2 Remake is very well done. #videogames #RE2
Favorite video game of all time? I'll start, Kingdom Hearts. Less than 1 week till KH3!
Enjoying my extra day off today. How's everyone else doing on this #MLKDay ?
Sending this from the new android app. Good work!
It's been a while memo. Still looking good. Hope everyone is doing well! #BCH
We as citizens will have to take privacy back from the big technology corporations.
Exclusively posting content on memo. Bye Twitter. 👋
Teaching myself programming again using great site!
Used to contribute to the stress test and I gotta say that is a neat site to use.
Hey everyone!
If you haven't checked out the Cashpay wallet app you should. Nice UI, works well, and has spend&replace feature!
Memo looks better and better every time I come back. Keep it up!
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!
Trying out Twitch Live Streaming. Playing Dark Souls: Remastered with a BCH tip jar available! Come hang out for a bit!
You can now view and search for text in the block explorer. Example:

32 MB and it feels so good. Yes I know in a little late to the party but fashionably late is how I roll. Lol 😂