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SeCuRiTy iSnT fReE!
What's going on right now? Blocks are massive.
No blocks have been found in almost an hour and a half. The next block will be well over 1mb.
Bitcoin SV wants help from the gooberment.
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Calvin Ayre and CSW hand jerking each other. You are a douche.
He has no room to negotiate. He's welcome to lose a little bit of money and come back and join us though.
Update on the hard fork
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Yup. View your mnemonic and import it elsewhere.
Is it possible to get BCH off yours still?
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I rather think we just prevented it by not letting SV being the majority chain.
Could the billionaire's please stop their dick measuring contest?
Is it over? Did ABC win?
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It's goodbye SV day! Hell yes!. Today will be a good day :)
Unfortunately, I am 3 of those idiots standing in line waiting for BTC buses. I was moving $ from cold storage to buy actual peer to peer electronic cash Bitcoin (BCH).
but we all know bitcoin can't scale *herp derp*
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Anarchist, card game player, small business owner.
Now anyone from China reading this thread *should* be able to read this without English.
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All these people in line should walk over to the other buses. #BCHPLS #txstreet
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