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I'm the type that girls don't like, ... boys stay away... and walking alone

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"Never do it free if you good at something" - THE JOKER
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Please help me... running out of satoshi
Running out of BCH on Anybody helps me pls.... need some help for small budget for making transaction ... I will send back you token u want ( from my dashboard)... :(((((((((
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Would you please provide high quality materials; coz I cant find HQ images for creating. Any other requirements: color code, font requirements, the dimension, main impacts that u dun need us to change?
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Yes, just found it :D
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Show me the meaning of being bankrupt... Is this the feeling I need to know now =))))))...
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With me, I disagree with ya... :"> ... They has their money... they do whatever they want... I dun have money, I wont do like them :">
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