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· 3d
I'm looking to spend BCH on the internet. Know any vendors who take BCH, and preferably don't convert to USD?
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ok! I bought shampoo!
· 5d
Let me know where I should spend my BCH today! I'll buy some stuff on the internet on your recommendations.
· 6d
Been playing around, just created my first token to see how it's done, and checked out the new dividend payment system. Really neat actually.
· 6d
ismikekomaranskydead.com has now sent over 53,000 transactions, confirming (immutably!) the fact that I'm still alive. It has cost me about 0.16 BCH thus far.
· 6d
Today the price of BCH is $223 and the president of the USA is Donald Trump.
· 7d
The cost of writing a memo is less than a penny. What will the future cost of uploading a thought to a blockchain be hundred years from now? Hopefully less than a penny!
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· 13d
Hey followers!
Respond to this memo with an unpopular opinion. Tip somebody if a) you think it is unpopular and b) you agree with their unpopular opinion.
· 13d
You can buy and sell BCH futures on CoinFlex. It's the only exchange where the BCH are deliverable at contract expiration!
· 16d
Jered Kenna coming back to crypto. He's an OG and I think he's got a soft spot for BCH. Please get him on memo!
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