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The word FACT comes from the Latin FACTUM, which means MADE (UP). Choose your FACTS wisely.

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#BSV Is not Politics, not religion, not currency, not a place, or a person.
It's apolitical, apathetic. Not anti this, pro that. #BSV stands on it's own. It is a system used, it doesn't promote. It must follow the Rule of Law or its doomed. Even your enemy will use it.

Check it out, this is where you can learn about the biggest conspiracy theory in the world #QAnon.

What do you think? Read the first 100 posts, and the last 100 posts for a good start.
There used to be "Goodbye Steemit" topic... Oh wait, this is immutable.
Here is also your HYPOCRISY: you Anarcho-Capitalists (ideology which is not even possible because Anarchy means absence of State and in Capitalism is enforced by the State, and you idiots don't even know this, which shows just how STUPID you people are), defend CAPITALISM, yet you complain about CAPITALISTS owning and corrupting everything, and censoring you. You people are COMPLETE IDIOTS and HYPOCRITES.
Tx: BSV/BTC=510%
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You must mean the raspis?
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Meantime, your investments are losing value and you wonder why.

Don't @ me.
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I only post when I get memo-striken.
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Meh, bitcoin is next when they figure out how.,
Re-memo or bust!
People spend much time contributing self-generated content on Yelp and TripAdvisor. CityOnChain offers a better platform enabled by the combination of a geolocated map and BSV micropayments
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Profile or bot?
Resemblance between the video of the Apollo site, at 3:00, above, and the Obama bitth certificate video * resolution varies *
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do it
"Create a life you don’t need a vacation from." - anon
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Watching these morons talking about BTC price really hurts my head... its like being pushed into a room for brainwashing, after you know how brainwashing works.
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.. and there's quite a few others... are all such stupid people... some of them are complete FUCKING IDIOTS. How the fuck did so many people get soo fucking stupid?