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Yo yo yo!

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Wow what a ride!
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it's FRIYAY!
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Or create another profile and send it back and fourth
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Well done - don't live off credit if you can help it!
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Lol. One sat at a time
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1433d · SOUR
Please create a PR for the SOUR icon here
1433d · SOUR
1433d · SOUR
Here is the SOUR SVG logo
And here is the lemon by itself
replied 1433d
And here is just the lemon, for those interested

Direct SVG link:
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replied 1433d
What programme is that?
Oh well, guess that's Christmas/New year done. Back to reality lol! The builder even showed up first thing this morning to finish a job he started in the last decade ha ha.
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This is crypto. This is BCH. Consensus rules. Token ID is unique
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Ui ux