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replied · 7d
It definitely got close. Asians aren't buying. Going to be a long time at these levels if the Asians aren't buying.
replied · 9d
Bitcoin cash is now only 5.9 billion behind ripple Closest it's been since before the BCH-BSV split
replied · 9d
I would never buy tokens over BCH. BCH is still extremely cheap. If I had extra money, I would buy more BCH.
Hit a high of 358 for a second time and then back under 340 again. Looks like it's going to be stuck in this range for awhile.
replied · 11d
I call them Goldman Suchs because nobody manipulates the market more than they do with their fake analysts
replied · 13d
BMPCASH is just pissed at Roger Ver because Roger Ver didn't help him fund a project. .He hasn't let it go for years. I put him on Mute. That's his real bitterness towards Roger.
replied · 42d
Not there yet, but that's the plan.
I called Naomi Brockwell out on doing a segment on the truth about Bitcoin and she muted me. LOL She would rather keep interviewing those BTC pump losers. She is a failure as an actress and crypto.
muted · 42d
I clicked on an article about Russia not legalizing libra coin. I noticed an advertisement on the right to purchase crypto and they had BTC, LTC, ETH, EOS listed and no BCH. They can only suppress BCH for so long.
Was there an official announcement that wasn't doing their weekly show on Twitch anymore? Or just a temporary thing?
replied · 42d
He probably owns Bitcoin, started the trade war with China so that Bitcoin goes up, and then bashes it so nobody knows. Exactly what he does with everything. Narcissist.
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replied · 42d
From this article, if you like Crypto, you might want to vote Democrat.
replied · 42d
Trump Says that, but I'll bet he owns it. LOL. Trump is a con man, so that is something he would do.
replied · 42d
If people are underestimating BSV then they most certainly are underestimating BCH because it's better. Ryan X is a lying sack of shit.
replied · 43d
Just so people know, the website is You forgot the Y in crypto.
So I guess Zuckerfuck is responsible for crashing the entire crypto market because of his stupid Libra coin. People don't realize the difference between centralized and decentralized. I guess it's a buying opportun.
replied · 43d
It's obvious that BCH has been the chosen one to become cash for the world as it's the first coin that can accomplish it with the highest market cap. All other coins will be secondary.
replied · 43d
Yeah all 3 should be colored all the time. Just my opinion obviously.