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what ever happened with the ADD token? Did the guy split?
replied 936d
Well said.
replied 936d
I'ts important for statistical purposes and that is it. People will look at Twitters total amount of users and not how many people actually use it.
BTC and BCH are not competitors. If BTC was competing for payments they would be competitors. They just want store of value. They just bicker because they know payments will crush them like a bug.
replied 936d
If someone is in BSV for the sole purpose that they think BCH can't scale, they will be sorely disappointed.
replied 936d
Not to worry. Most SV'ers were told to believe BCH can't scale. Do you really want to be part of that crowd.
replied 936d
LOL. When you can go away for a day and come back and read ever post in 10 minutes, it's kind of sad. Don't even need to use the follow button right now.
Memo crossed 9000 users. However is obvious some have more than one user account.
replied 937d
What is honk honk used for?
replied 938d
If you mean Roger Ver isn't the CEO anymore. He is executive Chairman. Stephen Rust is the CEO.
replied 938d
That's old news. He was back months ago when they announced the news about Building the biggest mining facility in the world in Texas.
Only 14 hours until the upgrade. BCH will better tomorrow than it is today.
replied 965d
Nope. No Jinx. LOL
replied 965d
Celtics should have an easy win tonight playing a 2-6 team at home.
The Sour faucet is empty. No more free sour for now.
I use Bitcoin Cash everyday. Whether it's Memo, Making a purchase, Transferring tokens, or whatever else. Unless another coin makes something I can't live without, I have no use for any other coin.
replied 965d
True. But none of the reasons in the article give me any interest in using ETH. It's still more expensive to transact. So why would I hodl?
replied 966d
I can think of 3 reasons why BCH should be hitting the moon now . I am getting tired of these articles. The news is already out. It had no effect
replied 966d
#1 Kentucky losing to Evansville at home was pretty exciting.
Only 2 days 13 hours until the upgrade.