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What Polls is Trump leading everywhere that he keeps talking about? Even the latest Fox News Poll has Biden +10. He is just a fat ass liar that only his lame as supporters will believe.
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Throw CSW in jail and he will have a great story to tell all the inmates about how he is Satoshi.
Trump warns of Major Stock market crash if he loses in 2020. Great News!!!!! Everybody get ready to buy on the cheap. New Millionaires will be made.
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I don't get it. A token that allows you to spend BTC at the price of BCH? Why not just use BCH? LOL
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That coin will be junk. But the name will sell it. It will be a stable coin because it will be tied to the dollar and gemini. And you can forget about Privacy
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BSV is like a virus to BCH that's unfortunately not going away anytime soon Can't wait for the consolidation phase when 95% of cryptos disappear, but that could still be 5-10 years out
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I guess the reality is that BSV took away some of BCH base. Together they are 10 Billion. BCH and BSV may have to duke it out to gain traction. LTC is just another HODL coin.
Litecoin took back the 4th spot? WTF? BCH must not be doing enough against a coin doing absolutely nothing.
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Very nice.
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Not even Viagra will keep Bitcoin up. It's future is bleak. Bitcoin cash is the only way.
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Let them continue to ignore Bitcoin cash It will pay off in the future.
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Probably next year. But the 3rd season is free. They will be adding commercials
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386 is the first target, if it falls past that, then 354. If it gets to 354, I doubt it fall any further. I will buy some more at one or both targets.
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Is breaking the law to win really winning?
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Please give me a couple of examples of the places that don't exist that are listed. I will check it out myself. Sorry not going to take your word for it.
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Why is Bitpay charging a processing fee? I thought the only fee was the Business pays 1% of the transaction.
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That's ridiculous. If you pay with cash it's anonymous unless you do a wire transfer or something. . This is digital cash. Same thing. I am not tracked when I buy a Hamburger with cash
The only thing I don't like about the badger wallet is you can't type in the USD amount to send in BCH. It's harder to figure out the BCH amount. Unless there is a way to change it which I can't figure out.
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Explain how BCH is illegal? LOL. Don't just make a dumb ass comment without any explanation. It would only be illegal if a country bans it. But then all crypto would be illegal.
What Craig Wright is doing means absolutely nothing. You can only sue for infringements that take place after the Registration. And it's even less likely if you Copyright a work over 5 years of publication.
I think with BTC and all the other Cryptos, it's allowing BCH to build quietly under the radar. You never hear GOV officials talking about BCH. And that's the one they should be most afraid of. LOL
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Probably not to 10,000, but 100,000 a different story. Once BCH passes BTC the miners will stop it.
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Too bad for them. More than likely they will lose it all.