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That's one nice bullish flag. BCH gonna pop soon.
It's sad when you go into a place and you can't use a debit card unless you purchase 10.00 or more. A business turning away business? BCH adoption can't come soon enough.
How bad do the bulls want it? Need to get through that 320 for blue skies and on to 400.
Think about it folks. BTC is at 5000 and not 50000 because it doesn't work. Sometime soon the biggest move ever will come with BCH. The rocket ship is just warming up.
Everything in the top 42 cryptos is down the last 24 hours except for #4 Bitcoin Cash up 8%. LOL Who is king? Bitcoin cash is King.
BCH is now 1 Billion over EOS and LItecoin. Things are getting smaller in the rear view mirror.
That crazy pull back has given BCH the 4th spot back. It's good news since usually BCH takes the biggest beating when there is a correction. Times must be changing
If BCH gained 100% and BTC gained 50% a month.It would take 10 months for BCH to pass BTC.Now obviously that's not going to happen.But BCH will probably outperform BTC going forward,so BCH will catch BTC at some point
If the world is serious about a digital currency and it's BCH, then it would only makes sense to have at least a trillion dollar market cap. That's less than 1% of the total world currency.That would be 100,000 a coin just crossed 6000 users. Growing slow, but still growing.
Don't you just love it when someone comes a long and triggers all the stop losses.
BTC will crash when all those little sh&t coins that you have to buy BTC to purchase them all die off. BTC is just a pyramid scam.
Good Bye Litecoin see you at the finish line. LMAO
BCH blew right through resistance. Clear skies to 400.
I believe BCH just took 4 spot from EOS and Litecoin. Coin Market cap is behind on BCH price.
Either Buy BCH or get out of the way Because it is exploding.
BCASH is for BTCHERS. But Bitcoin Cash is for money for the world.
Avnet accepting Bitpay is more evidence that Bitpay will be the adopted application. Now 2 big giants accepting Bitpay, the other being Dish Network. Good times ahead for BCH supporters.
What happened to ABC memo? Was that terminated?
Anybody know when Nuetrino wallet will be available for IOS? That wallet looks awesome. Can't wait to get that one. But currently only available for Android.
Good News. Bovada finally added BCH back.
Is this something to ponder? After 10 years the BTC community who just wants a "Store of Value" and a quick buck is larger than the community who wants Economic Freedom to the world? What is that telling us?