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crypto mass adoption, sci-fi author, digital marketer, Medellín Colombia

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Likewise, thanks!
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I'm looking for the highest quality, latest/best #BitcoinCash logos / brand assets.

What is the best place for these?

Do I use orange or green?
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Can you email me? I will invite you into it. [email protected]
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Awesome, we need you. We have a Slack and I will be posting updates here
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My Latam team will be going after piece of $200mm BCH dev fund

We are 17+ in 7 nations and we have a killer plan + work in bag

Always looking for new members who add value

Esp devs
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It's an easy way for people to get into this space with no risk. And if I read it correctly creating your own SLP token costs 1/10th of a USD cent. Crazy cheap.
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LOL, thanks! SLP tokens are fun. :)
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