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Bitcoin has forked to preserve its quality as "peer-to-peer electronic cash". Forking is a way to upgrade the protocol and resolve contentious disputes.

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More discussions seem to be going on, which might actually give other funding approaches a chance.
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Another +65 MYTHBUSTER to Telesfor for PL translation - thank you very much!
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I think it's going to be the other way round.

When people from US want to spend in other countries, USD will be increasingly less preferred, people will rather accept crypto.
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The SLP double spends are an issue for Memo servers. Have to clean them up almost daily.
For social order to remain harmonious, number of Calm Down Stupid SLP tokens sold must remain in equilibrium with global birth rate #dailymemo
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You left out reads every post on memo so has no need to follow anyone.
HK police seem to be getting trigger happy. :-(

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You come across a Twitter random account that has a 1-2 thousand followers, but follows zero other people.

What's the most common impression based on your actual encounters?
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Who fact checks the fact checkers? Well, other fact checkers ;-)
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Fact checking is already a business, so it could translate to on-chain quite easily, awarding tokens to mark calculated degree of accuracy of certain items of information
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To make it a bit more sybil proof, couple with "how many tips received by people in my web of trust" and let user choose how to configure additional reputable fact checking sources
You are that which turns the wheel :)

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Direct link to video:
Electrum site owner allegedly keeps IP logs going back to who-knows-when.
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Unpinning "We have Proof of Not Satoshi" for a while.

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