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Bitcoin has forked to preserve its quality as "peer-to-peer electronic cash". Forking is a way to upgrade the protocol and resolve contentious disputes.

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The funniest thing is they claim "it was revealed that [big blocks don't scale]".

Such nonsense. None of them so much as published a paper arguing that it can't - because it *can*...
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Hmm, a token burn transaction executed in Electron Cash SLP is not recognized as a burn on explorer or on Memo's token feed page...

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AMA on Telegram by HonestCoin founder, today 20:00~21:00 Hong Kong Time (HKT)
My bad, I think I was wrong, the real BAB do have a minting baton too, because they were created on Memo.
Anyhow, the above c4ac3a3b... is the genuine BabyBadger (BAB) :-)
Real BAB do not have a minting baton, they have a fixed supply: created imitation BAB (not the real deal) and sent me some.
BAB tokens are now available at too. I'll still check this topic for posted simpleledger:addresses and send some on request.