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Bitcoin has forked to preserve its quality as "peer-to-peer electronic cash". Forking is a way to upgrade the protocol and resolve contentious disputes.

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Bitcoin: peer to peer electronic cash.

Also, some political events (Ross, Wikileaks, Snowden, Manning, Reality, internet censorship, patents etc)
Comment in this thread to get some Baby Badgers. Only provide a simpleledger: address if you want me to send the BABs to an address other than your Memo-linked one.
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Being uneducated has ALWAYS been the state that unenlightened governments preferred their subjects to be in.
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hodl muh meems

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It had horrible grammar problems which I've not seen with the real Satoshi.
The BCCI angle and the badly shopped images were cringe, as was hosting on a cheap server that went down.
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Until a real financial crisis. Then some more might wake up to discover why Bitcoin was created in the first place.
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I blame 🍺 for getting me to purchase a BAB to see how it would affect the market cap ;-)

But yeah, the token pages would greatly profit from favorites, selectable sorts & search
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From my "checkmate, smallblocker" list of arguments:

They like to bring the fact that BCH currently has smaller blocks than BTC.

If you put it that way...
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Bitcoin Cash is the real son of a bit. #dailymemo
The richest nations will fight Bitcoin adoption the hardest.

Real adoption comes from the grass roots.
Bitcoin is not helicopter money, it is proof of work money.
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How about UK lead by example?
Pushing down alts is free.

Print tether. Buy alts. Sell alts at a loss, pushing them down.
Print more tethers. Rinse and repeat.

Because users USDT to just pump BTC is a bit conspicuous.