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Hey guys, I am back on memo. After using Twetch for a while I thought it would be nice to see what's happening here. How are y'all doing my fellow BSVers.
405d · Christianity
Isaiah 33:2
2 LORD, be gracious to us; we long for you. Be our strength every morning, our salvation in time of distress.
406d · Hong Kong
The protests in Hong Kong have been interesting to watch. Will China order another massacre like Tiananmen Square? If they do though they wont be able to hide it.
405d · Peergame
You can play a BSV lottery here:
Hello Memo, after a quick liason with twetch I am back to where my roots are.
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Sometimes bad habits are connected to good habits though. Think of socializing in your local pub / bar vs. getting drunk.
427d · Ideas to improve our lives
When looking for a job, even an odd one (no pun intended), consider one you find comfortable doing for hours at a time. #MondayMemo
405d · Twetch
Coming back to memo now, Twetch is too expensive for me. 2 cent per twetch and 10 cent per like.
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434d · twetch
Hello guys, could anyone provide me with a twetch invite? I'd really like to try it out but unfortunately I don't use twitter, so I can't DM @twetchapp for an invite. ([email protected])
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I second this suggestion. I really don't need a button to show a post of someone I muted.
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That would be some work but will hopefully be an option at some point. Thanks for the feedback.
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445d · memo
Celebrate your independence, Memo now supports muting!
445d · Craig Steven Wright
446d · Pizzagate
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Whichever way it goes.
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Sorry, I posted this in a rush. The source is
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He is building.
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I think that justice prevails
447d · Bitcoin SV
464d · Bitcoin SV
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interesting insight
465d · Craig Steven Wright
This theory fits right in into what Blockstream have been doing: "The Kleinman case is not about getting money - they probably have no proof to get it, otherwise they would have presented evidence in form of documents that showed that Kleinman owned x% of the bitcoins. The whole case is financed by Bitcoin Core, and the goal is that Craig reveals exactly what bitcoin addresses he owns - they just want this list. The moment they have this list, they will block these addresses with a softfork on the Segwit chain. Probably an idea from GMax - I think it was 3 years ago or so, when GMax said that Satoshis coins should be blocked forever. "