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replied 1746d
Yeah, send ir yo the token Eater or give it to somebody else, sorry
replied 1747d
Bullshit, bro... Venezuela has never been fascist, we were social-democrat, acción democrática was the 4th republic, you should read more about and quit reading comunist propaganda
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1749d · Venezuela
is low quality food, and it only last for 1 week, if you say something against the government in the street, you get jailed, so what paradise are you talking about, bro? you dont know nothing.
1749d · Venezuela
So if you dont support communist you dont deserve that food that is paid with taxes? please man, people has enough money for having an unhealthy diet, and the food that they give in that basket
1749d · Venezuela
We dont receive a food basket where I live because we dont support government, so dont talk about what you dont know, that basket is only for the people who supports Maduro, so i
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1753d · HAMSTER
how much does a hamster token worths? are them easy to sell?
replied 1753d
Hey, I've been trying to sell the tokens but nobody wants to buy, do you think that 1 per token price is alright? or 0.1?
1755d · Baby Badger (BAB) Faucet
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1755d · Faucets
can anybody reccomend any good faucet? Im trying to find some money for buying a new cellphone I need for working
1756d · Charity
Somebody stole my phone, I cant work without it, I dont want to lose my job, I have 0.0085 BCH in my savings, I need at least 70$ for a new one, my family depends on me, any tip would help, thanks
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1756d · Tokens
Thanks to all Memo community for your token tips, im not having a good economic situation right now, life in Venezuela is not easy, may your generosity return a billion times over good friends!
replied 1756d
''Please enter your SLP address in the input below then hit Submit.'' where I find that address?
replied 1756d
done! they gave me 72 spice, thats nice, is it easy to sell?
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