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Nothing is so strongly fortified that it cannot be taken by money.

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I'm still up and willing to play if anyone else is in.

Waiting at the table here:

25k sats to buy in.
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Token exchange now supports instant buys!
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Roger has upped his game. This is, by far, his finest performance in a debate. He was very focused, clear, practical and Socratic in his approach. Very persuasive. Outstanding!
This is an outstanding interview!

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Michael Malice is one of my favorites
What exactly is going on with txstreet right now?

Definitely! They still need to set up the SLP token house. I am really looking forward to seeing that 😎
replied · 104d is great!
This is a pretty classy move that we should appreciate, regardless of what you may think about CZ and binance.

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I'm hodling gold for the long term along with crypto. Gold has held its value for multiple millienia, I don't think that's going to come to an end any time soon.
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They will be a bigger deal when bigger companies start making tokens. They can use them like stock and list them on an exchange.
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Tokens basically just give people the ability to create their own currency on top of the bch blockchain. Read through if you haven't already
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Some of them are working on use cases. Some of them are just created for fun. I created GUN token just to see how it all works. Total Supply: 1776.
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Of course. Most of my crypto is in storage cold as ice.
My current collection of Bitcoin Cash tokens.

There are so many legitimate criticisms of Trump, but his hysterical opposition insists on seeing demented White Supremacist and Russian conspiracies around every corner instead.
Anyone still saying "Trump defended nazi's" at this point, is just lying to themselves & everyone around them. Victims and perpetrators of pure Agitprop.