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Whatever you say to yourself, it becomes your reality. Keep your thoughts under control, and life will begin to match them.

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Some of you don't trust banks with your money but trust a completely insecure blockchain network with your life's savings and it shows.... 😬
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Whatever you say to yourself, it becomes your reality. Keep your thoughts under control, and life will begin to match them.
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You get tired not of what you did, but of what you didn't do. If you want to reach the star that shines above the horizon, you just need to remember the direction and take at least one step in this direction every day. At least one. Every day. One step is easy.
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The World Is As you perceive it.
For open people-it is blissful.
For those who are afraid - he is terrible and ruthless.
For those who are full of love-it is full of miracles and happiness.
Choose for yourself how to look at this world and how to live it.
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To walk long on the path of life at close range can only people of the same "weight" category: values, strength of spirit, energy, awareness, responsibility, and freedom. Any difference in these criteria increases the distance.
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Человек всё делает наоборот. Спешит стать взрослым, а потом вздыхает о прошедшем детстве. Тратит здоровье ради денег и тут же тратит деньги на то, чтобы поправить здоровье. Думает о будущем с таким нетерпением, что пренебрегает настоящим, из-за чего не имеет ни настоящего, ни будущего. Живёт так, словно никогда не умрёт, и умирает так, словно никогда не жил.
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May the coming Christmas bring you true happiness.
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The new year will change what you believe in the most. Imagine that the New year will come tomorrow, program your mind that tomorrow your life will change, that you will think more positively, start to develop, change yourself, and then changes will not take long to wait.
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People are like books: the letters are the same, but the content is different.
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Sometimes storms can be good for a person: they will hurt your soul a little, but they will also take out all the dirt.
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We worry too much. We take it too seriously. We need to keep things simple. But with the mind. Without nerves. The main thing is to think. And don't do anything stupid.
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Good evening, dear friends. Enjoy your conversation memo.
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I've heard many things in my life — vows, promises, compliments, but the best I've heard is silence. There are no lies in it.
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Whatever you give a woman, she will give you more. You will give her a family — and she will give you a baby. You will give the house, - she comfort in it. You will give your smile — it will give your heart. A woman multiplies and increases everything. So, by doing bad things to her, you are ready for more!
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Before you say it, listen.
Before you write, think about it.
Before you spend it, earn it.
Before you offend, feel it.
Before you hate, love.
Before you retreat, try it.
Before you die, live.
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How fate will turn out, no one knows.
Live freely and don't be afraid of changes.
When the Lord takes something away,
Don't miss what It gives in return.
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If a person does not have time for you, feel free to turn around and run, run away from him, otherwise you will spend your whole life waiting for your turn.
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Dear friends. Have a good and pleasant evening, good mood and communication on / memo
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Said the pope to the emperor:

'You keep them poor, I keep them stupid.'
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