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Take a look at EU Vs Disinfo website
109d · hmwyda
hello, i from belorus, i want to destroy Lukashenka power! Like me please
Sven Vath: The Beauty and the Beast (1994)
Nigerian English is hilarious
How the hell Twetch posts appear here?
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Link doesn't open on Memo Android app and I can't even copy it.
Change Africa
224d · Don't burn your coins!
Hi everyone

It's sad seeing that coins are being send to unspendable addresses, I fully understand the logic behind it but I still believe we can do something good out of it even if it's just a small portion of all the coins that are being burnt .
I would like to propose an idea. I am in Africa and trust me what change a few satoshi can make in someone's life or well being. I would like to provide clothing and food for the little ones out here. I promise to keep this page updated with photos with of this project and some of the clothing that will be printed with your bitcoin address or any message you want to send out there.
I hope to hear your feedback or opinions .

The bitcoin address for all donations are as follows:
176d · hmwyda - wishlists (donations here)
Need a donation please
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I want to say that I need BSV in order to use Twetch
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I wonder what is the difference with these posts that have the "saved" tag.
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Who is funding Twetch transactions? I need to meet that person 😄
Need some BSV to use 😄
Bitcoin: Fake Elon Musk giveaway scam 'cost man £400,000'
Back on Hive and Steem after a few months. I am overwhelmed with all the new features and tokens. No wonder why the average user find them complicated.
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Wow, just noticed this. I suppose we can't have long posts on
227d · Bitcoin SV
Does MoneyButton work only with Bitcoin SV?
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Twitch backtracks after outcry for using 'gender neutral' term 'womxn'
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currently headed west through kansas rn on the way to loveland and then torrington. it’s 54 degrees and the gentle breeze of the ac is caressing my face. it feels like i’m sitting on the beach holding a steering wheel tbqf
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What are these posts?
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Just saw that the post is 37 days old. And was ready to write users are back on Memo.SV 😄