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"For the world is hollow, and I have touched the sky."

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Spent my day on my Samsung Watch BCH app. CashAccount integration, address monitoring, receipt notifications, and building in vibration and audio alerts. Hashrate and fees coming soon. #dailymemo
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If you could bring yourself to utter your implied question, you will find my answers are more than forthcoming. No question: no answer.
replied · 13d
If my response was an example of dodging a question, what was the question I supposedly dodged?
replied · 13d
Did you ask a question that I avoided answering?
replied · 13d
That's not how volume works.
replied · 13d
It's really interesting to see the tenacity with which some cling to IQ and its supposed applications.
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Sometime around Block #587922
I made a post on #memo (consolidated) ~ 2 weeks ago @ riding tardigrades to the moon. SATs for whoever can find it (I cannot).
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We're still on borrowed time since 2009. Public opinion is starting to catch up: why trust an obviously rigged system, when you can trust math.
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Is the SSL Cert good and correct?
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Check t\he sitkcy: "Notabug is a decentralized P2P Reddit alternative, which also offers an improved moderation system [...] "
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Hence the "tourism" aspect of the defamation suit. My guess is UK is friendly to that type of prosecution, and people bringing cases there for that reason eventually became a problem.
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"You cannot con an honest man."
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Why's her head so big?
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On sale yet? ...been waiting years here...
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You don't need a new need one that's new to you. Ask around: there's a class of people with drawers full of old smart phones.
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This looks promising:
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...and another service begins to be subsumed by the-headless-one. These businesses are shackled by their reliance on law and will be unable to compete in a real free market.
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I was thinking more of the load on Memo's server...however, it does look like it can handle AJAX data sources so maybe the point is moot.
replied · 28d
I think DataTables requires all rows to be present on page load...potentially MANY rows.
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Providing singed APKs to be side-loaded is a must...not gonna get that from an app-store.