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Yesterday 146899-145899=1000 memo transactions. Number of transactions📉10.6%
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· 509d
A very cool little feature that you've added to memo. Who exactly do I tip?
· 509d
Uncouth Series. :) Have a great weekend!
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Leading zeros
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Nice shirt😍
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My friend Tanya took it 😁
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created poll · 512d should support standard BCH transactions, such as sending to any other BCH address?

Currently it looks like you can only send BCH as a tip to another user, rather than to any BCH user.
Yes 7 votes · 0 satoshis
No 1 votes · 0 satoshis


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· 511d
Some people sell crack to start their record labels. I decided to do buy some bch and sell t-shirts instead. If that doesn't work out. Crack It Is.
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Give your friends 20% off all products, get a free $5 gift!
· 514d
This is my first post, let me introduce myself, I am Alberto Alarcon, I am 26yrs old, from Venezuela, publicist, marketer and amateur photographer, I believe that blockchain is one more step into evolution of mankind.
· 514d
News sites with auto-playing videos, if I wanted to watch a news report from a guy at a desk, I'd turn on the damn TV. I'm trying to read here. Quit trying to turn the web into your old model.
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Prices are fixed. You can get a BCH Tee for as little as $15.95, and it ships free inside the USA.
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prices are totally jacked at the moment. HAHA
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>> <<
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"Blockstream doesn't make profit on what Bitcoin CAN do. Blockstream makes money on what Bitcoin CANNOT do."
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Jeff from Cointext, his response to the stress test: "We'll put together a contest, email our list, and promote it on social media."
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back to food, here a special pizza, maybe many of you never seen it before. It's a star pizza and inside each star ending there's a fresh ricotta cheese that melts in your mouth.