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I've been living money free using great way to get around the globe without paying
Has anyone ever traveled through Mexico? I've heard it's dangerous, but i'd love to go
This is to discuss the fun ways in which we can shorten our life span, examples of this include drugs, fast vehicles, sports, nice food.. Basically anything that's worth doing
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In meditation one can realize this
The logical conclusion therefore is that if one wishes for an end to death/change one must leave this universe
I mean it's quite apparent at this point that death and decay (change) is a structurally inherent to the universe. Another word for change is time.
What if awareness (you) are eternal and the body and world are just a play of forms existing purely for the experience of limitation and evolution?
Don't worry we all die sooner or later. It's perfectly natural
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where can i see the bch mempool?
i like big blocks, almost as much as big cocks
time to upload full hd boobs to the chain