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My name is mohamad. i live in Mashhad City, Iran. my blog:

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How embarrassing is that....
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the bitcoin blockchain is going to be really interesting, this is some interesting data
NEW EXCLUSIVE NFT! all you have to do is send me a relayx paymail here or anywhere else on the reasonably priced onchain social media world and i'll send you Fees Down the Rabbit Hole, offer good for the first 299 participants, limited to one per sockpuppet ;)
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do we need twetch polls
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206d · hmwyda
The idea of my words being there for ever, even years after I died, makes me excited.
It should be a blockchain specially for this so that we don't need to code or encrypt words.
206d · hmwyda
I feel like I am spamming! But I am just excited about OP_RETURN and sending my thoughts among the blockchain!
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"Peace at Home, Peace in the World." - Atatürk
BitcoinSV is the original Bitcoin. Craig S. Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto. We are in a mass Psychosis and Covid is a hoax.
920d · Bitcoin Cash
920d · Bitcoin Cash
Bitcoincash has caught my attention for some time now and the reason isn't far fetched. Check out my post @
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why can't i post anything anymore?!
most recent token activity is still TOOMANYCOINS coin b/c no one's asked for any RAREMEAT
MMK x 007
If you understand Persian and you like Clash Royale then you should take a look at [it's my website and you can meet me there]
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813d · site status
Memo site had outage due to node going offline. Everything is back online now.
291d · memo site had an outage starting September 21. This was due to server reaching limits. It is now resolved. Current software is still single server so eventually things will stop working again.
Bitcoin is so small you can still run an indexer on a single server