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Finally got my Bitcoin set in stone.
Hoard what I mine.
Neuroradiologist by training.

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I’m very happy with my Bitcoin.
BITCOIN IS SATOSHI’S VISION. anything else just ain’t bitcoin 🤷🏻‍♂️
Is a “BitTube” available now like we have Bitstagram?
‪Something very interesting and exciting is happening. BSV is going to surpass BTC‘s transaction fee rewards over 24 hours currently at BSV ~8 and BTC ~45. What happens when BSV exceeds it? That would be like Craig slapping the entire BTC-BCH developers/miners in the face. ‬
Slapping them to show he’s king kinda. Like “I told you so”
These BSV blocks are absolutely HUGE. It makes BTC and BCH look like jokes.
Biggest blocks hit cap of 128MB. Time to upgrade Bitcoin blocks to 512MB? 🤔
Craig is the man.
I’m a Satoshi-Bitcoin-Protocol Maximalist
Huge anti-Satoshi cult out in cryto land 🤦‍♂️
I’m the smartest person I know, and I’m saying Craig Wright is smarter than me by 1000x fold.
We need Memo SV in dragon yellow instead of red.
More happy with BSV than I’ve ever been.
Checkpoints to the point of solidifying ABC hold on the protocol means it is not longer Bitcoin. Roger and Jihan are at the mercy of Amaury. That’s developer centralization , just like Core.
That site alone is more incredible to me than anything in the crypto sphere
‪Who’s the first one to wage a hash the way it’s supposed to be? Satoshi himself. And Jihan, Amaury, Roger were scared s***less. That’s power‬
It’s obvious people arent going to understand everything he says because it’s like talking to Einstein
CRAIG IS SATOSHI! Imagine how far Bitcoin can go if others listened. Bitcoin would be at $100,000 right now!
After reading so much more of his work I’m more impressed than I ever was Before. We definitely have Satoshi on BSV side. I’m selling my Tesla and getting more BSV
Craig is Satoshi no doubt.
Bitstagram is my favorite app! BSV used block space surpasses BTC for day number 2 now!! Yay!!
In stock markets, forex, commodities, the correct answer is obvious to most people. With Bitcoin, the correct answer is not obvious to most people. #BSV is Bitcoin.
‪I’ve calculated the next crypto bubble is going to be $6 trillion, triple the last. That’s the one where BSV takes over because only it will have the capacity to supply the demand