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666d · Linux
Try Pop!_os. Once you do you won't want to go back.
Thanks to everyone who sent me tokens!
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Looking forward to the day. Sadly, there are still many noobs and people there. Memo's a good hedge for sure.

Be wary of the Monero community. They will coerce you into getting banned using censorship.
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This is what Dash is good at. 10% of our block reward is voted on by the masternodes. We already have put millions of dollars into Venezuela.
730d · BCH Speculation
In that thread on r/bitcoincash, the reason for the current price decline is explained. Malicious short selling and exchange manipulation is the cause for this general sale across all alts.
730d · BCH Speculation
The REAL reason for the price decline or the anatomy of a shakedown! Exchange price manipulation is behind the recent 'decline' https://tinyurl.com/yxny3vay
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Not true at all. Indigenous societies enjoyed a much higher quality of life than most 'modern' societies do today. Capitalism creates many lies in order to maintain the illusion.
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No, 'earning' isn't enough. The purpose of satoshi was to spread cryptocurrencies far and wide. You can't 'earn' cryptos fast enough to beat old finance. They must be spread.
replied 731d
We need more than 'earning income' we need AIRDROPS to the community. People can't spend Bitcoin Cash if they don't HAVE bitcoin cash. We need whales and heavy bagholders to spread it
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Its good that you do this due dilligence. We need to make sure our services are living up to their commitments.
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Which is another reason to support cryptocurrencies. There's no blood in POW.
731d · Capitalism
Its true, capitalism is on the way out. It is inherently exploitative, racist and prevents natural human and environmental development for profit. It truly is a sinister, cancerous system.
731d · Linux
Pop_os! is a good distro. I don't mind Gnome until I run an application where I need to see its status (offline, online, etc.) then I remember why I don't like it.
replied 731d
True decentralization in our finances because they allow bad actors to be able to short sell our assets just by manipulating the price of BTC. This prevents alts from growing naturally
replied 731d
Basically, the fact that exchanges price the market in BTC is an error that causes alts to be unfairly affected by price moves in BTC. This is likely an attack on cryptos, preventing
The REAL reason for the price decline or the anatomy of a shakedown! Exchange price manipulation is behind the recent 'decline'


In this post, I expose the price rigging that's going on.
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Part of the problem is you believe that your beliefs are everything and you have the right to force them on everyone else even though you don't know what you're talking about.
replied 754d
Chain transactions. The rest of them are entries in a db like a bank. So they're disconnected from the actual chains.
replied 754d
Usually but cryptocurrencies give us down to the block time-level accuracy on transaction use which trumps exchange price. B/c that's just a guess since ex trades are almost all off
754d · Flat Earth
Africans had universities clearly explaining the solar system and the eclipses in the middle ages which is proof that the flat earth theory is nonsense.
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You're relying on a cynical argument, i.e. 'the price declined so hurr dur it must be wrong' which amounts to emotional torture.